The Art of Shaving

The Art of ShavingWhen they met in Miami, Myriam was just 19 and Eric was 26. Myriam, with a background in the spa industry, had a love for skin care and cosmetics. Eric, with a background in business, had a true entrepreneurial spirit. Like most men, Eric had sensitive skin. One day, in the kitchen of their Manhattan apartment, Myriam decided to formulate a special oil for him to be used before shaving—a combination of botanical ingredients and pure essential oils. The next morning, Eric applied this protective pre-shave oil before shaving. From the first stroke of the razor, he could feel the blade glide smoothly across his face. A new shaving concept was born.

Eager to share their new pre-shave oil treatment—but having no money to invest-they decided to sell their car for $12,000 and use the proceeds to open a store, and during the fall of 1996, the first The Art of Shaving shop opened its doors on a side street in Manhattan.

The Art of Shaving was started in a kitchen and has grown to be a best-selling men’s brand.