Loo Hoo

LOO HOO DRYER BALLSCyndi Prince, the Founder & CEO of LooHoo, was shocked to learn about the harmful chemicals they contained and the negative impact they have on our clothes and our dryer.

She began the search for a natural alternative that would help soften laundry and came across wool dryer balls. Wool dryer balls are made with only wool, which is all natural, sustainable, biodegradable and durable PLUS they soften our clothes and reduce our dry time.

When the company LooHoo was formed in 2010, I was determined to use only domestic wool in order to support American sheep farmers and the Farming Industry. (Can you tell I grew up on a farm?  Hello, North Buxton, Ontario!). I also wanted LooHoo to help support the local economy. Less than 100 miles from our headquarters in Camden, Maine, is a historic wool mill where we get all of our wool and nearby is our piece manufacturer where all LooHoos are made.
LooHoos are Made in Maine, USA with 100% domestic wool.