Andrea Maack

Andrea Maack was born and raised in Reykjavík Iceland and completed a B.A in visual arts in 2005. Maack uses her pencil and mixed media drawings to form a basis for her artwork that borderline with fashion and play with the concept of wearable art. Her exhibition pieces are one-offs and have included garments constructed out of her original drawings in unconventional materials. The pieces are wearable sculptures and have been exhibited internationally since 2007. Maack crosses the boarder between art and consumerism shaking the usual roles around. She works with elements from her exhibition pieces creating commercial but unconventional collections.

Maack is the founder and co-owner of ANDREA MAACK PARFUMS. She launched her eponymous line of unique fragrances in September 2011 at Pitti Fragranze through artistic fragrance distributor Intertrade Europe. Intertrade Europe, who also works with renowned brands such as Byredo, Nasomatto, and New York cult brand Six Scents, felt the collection was a perfect complement to its array of artistic fragrances. The niche brand, now retailing in over 60 shops worldwide, has fast become a favorite with both the perfume world and the fashion/art crowd. Because of its unusual background and story, the brand crosses between art, fashion and scent.